Aarke Carbonator 3


The Carbonator 3 is a groundbreaking sparkling water maker with a stainless-steel enclosure. Forget the outdated, plastic soda machines of the past: This one is made from premium materials with top-of-the-line safety valves. It’s designed to upgrade the look and feel of your kitchen counter for years to come. 

A sylish sleek addition to your counter top.


  • Compatible with standard Australian and New Zealand CO2 cylinders
  • Carbonates up to 60L of water per gas cylinder
  • Cordless design, no electricity needed


  • Carbonator 3
  • Non-toxic BPA-free premium PET bottle
  • Drip tray
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Extra gasket
  • CO2 cylinder NOT included

Dimensions: H414mm W153mm D258mm
Weight 1450g

Bottle capacity 1L, 800mL to filling line. Not dishwasher safe.

Designed and engineered in Sweden, built in China.

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