Vecchio Vero Coffee Table, natural


Vecchio is beautifully crafted from solid reclaimed elm wood known for its strength, durability and beautiful grain. Blemishes and knots are all part of the unique, natural beauty of old timber and each furniture piece is unique. They are all treated and sealed for everyday living, but it is important to be mindful in their placement, as extreme conditions (such as harsh Australian sunlight) can change the colour of the timber.

We also recommend using placemats and trivets whilst dining to avoid spills soaking in to the timber. Should spills occur, wipe immediately with a damp cloth and mild soap - not acid or bleach based cleaners. A sealer will help - see below.

To keep your Vecchio piece in optimum condition, a traditional wax polish can be used sparingly every six months (always test an unseen area first to check colour changes). Sure Seal Timber Sealer will provide a barrier to some degree between the timber and any spills of red wine, oils etc - but always wipe spills immediately. Sure Seal also provides some protection against day to day scratches. Ask us and we can happily send you an easy to apply spray bottle.

180 x 80 x 30cm

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