SOH Rhodiin Candle, Botanisk


Fig is the ultimate luxury simulator. Pouring in brightness of the Valencian lemon and the depth of cedarwood to our fig, we’ve created your go to. You will want this everywhere and any time. Botanisk is our expression of natural ingredients used to create an atmosphere of luxury.

Smells like the lobby of a boutique hotel.

Fragrance: Fig, Lemon, Grapefruit, Cedarwood

280g - 60+ hours burn time.

Rhōdiin, which means 'Extraordinary Perfumery,' perfectly encapsulates the essence of this exclusive collection. We're excited to share this exceptional collection with you, featuring a unique blend of fragrances and design that we believe will captivate your customers and elevate their sensory experience.

Each candle in the Rhōdiin Capsule Candle Collection is housed in a porcelain vessel, adding an extra layer of sophistication and luxury.

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