Scalia Anchovy Fillets 80g

Whole pink, fleshy and flavoursome anchovies in extra virgin olive oil.

Scalia is based in Sciacca on the southern coast of Sicily, home to an old and important fishing fleet. Local anchovies arrive in the port each day and are processed in the Scalia concervificio (preserving plant) entirely by hand according to traditional methods.

Serving Suggestions: Anchovy is a umami food adding depth of flavour to any dish. Add one or two Scalia Anchovies to past sauce, stews and salad dressings to add another flavour dimension. Enjoy Scalia anchovies on pizza and bruschetta. Create a delicious antipasto by combining Scalia filleted anchovies with freshly chopped garlic, parsley and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. Serve with hot, crusty bread.


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