by Wirth

Rack 6 Dots black


“Rack” wall-mounted coat hanger is a multi-use hanger that can be used in any room of the house. Both practical and elegant, this design is one that will last a lifetime. The straps and the bar are fixed to avoid the bar from moving under the weight of heavy coats.

Colours available: Natural oak, smoked oak and black oak.

Pair with by Wirth wall hooks.

Rack is made of Scandinavian oak.

Designed and manufactured in Denmark.

SIZE: L 51.5cm

COLOUR: Black Oak + Leather

NOTE: The story of the black oak is quite extraordinary; The raw oak is soaked in a bath of vinegar with a steel sponge and in addition to the acid of the oak, that odd combination triggers a chemical reaction that turns the oak blue (when it is lifted from the bath), then black (when oiled). This process can only be done with Scandinavian oak, and the result is a 100% natural product with elegant, visible growth rings that will age gracefully.

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