Jukes 6 Cordialities, Deep Red


Jukes 6 30ml x 9
The ‘Deep Red’: Fruity, deep and spicy in style. Built on a theme of blackcurrant, blackberries, red fruits, plums and deeply flavoured spices.

-9 x 30ml bottles in a box
-Alcohol free
-Organic Apple Cider Vinegar based, Vegan
-Low Calories (16Kcal per glass when mixed)
-Made in London
-1 bottle makes approximately two 125ml glasses (9 bottles mixed with water equates to the same volume as 3 bottles of wine).

 Blackcurrant and blackberries lead the way, which is evident in the lusty colour of this drink. While layers of complexity are introduced thanks to the red fruit, raspberries, strawberries and plums which give an extra dimension and depth of flavour.

Beyond these familiar fruit notes, there are sensitive additions of earthy vegetable and deeply flavoured spices which resonate on the finish adding power, length and richness. Jukes 6 is based on the flavours of a multitude of different red wine styles which enables it to match with an extremely broad range of dishes. 

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