Bands of Courage

Bands of Courage Fabric BE GRATEFUL Band


"Be grateful for what you have" 

There is always someone who has less than you - less health, less happiness, less people, less . . . , so as much as we strive for more of anything, we must be grateful for what we have. After all, one day we might not even have a planet. 

The organic fabric band measures 33cm / 13 inches in length. To fit to size, the length can be trimmed with scissors. Always cut at an angle to minimise fraying of the cotton.

Worn on the wrist or ankles, it is double tied at the back to hold the band in place. The band can be sown onto clothes or onto soft furnishings or used as a decoration. 

The processes for making the yarns and dyes for our Bands of Courage date back over a thousand years using authentic processes and ingredients which are not just natural, but highly medicinal.

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