Blobbies Talum Candle


For seriously stylish home decor that doesn’t take itself too seriously, the asymmetrical Tulum Blobbie Candle is cute, curious and completely collectible

These hand-poured, Australian made candles are all non-scented and made using the highest quality, sustainable, non-toxic, vegan, high-performance soy wax blend that features medical-grade paraffin and a plant-based additive used for hardness. 

  • Comes packaged in an exclusive XRJ Celebrations gift box
  • Burns beautifully for up to 60 hours with a tunnel burn pattern for minimal mess on or around the candle
  • The candle tunnel burns so you do not have to worry about mess on or around the candle

Approx Height 140mm x 115mm width

These pieces are handmade in Sydney, Australia and as such each piece is unique and no two pieces will be exactly the same.

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